Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Experiment #2 on speed and walk running

 First a quick recap, last Wednesday during experiment #1 I ran the first 5 miles easy and then the last 5 miles at 8:22 pace with 1 min walk per mile.

This time I wanted to do the same workout but with 0:30 walk breaks for the last 5 miles.

During the first 5 miles I averaged a little over 10:00 pace. I did my usual 1 min walk break after each mile. My heart rate averaged about 135 for these early miles.

Mile 6 – 7:37 – Avg HR 165 (I was thinking this was way too fast)
Mile 7 – 7:25 – Avg HR 176 (maybe that wasn’t too fast)
Mile 8 – 7:10 – Avg HR 177 (gradual downhill for most of this mile)
Mile 9 – 7:12 – Avg HR 181 (major traffic light and a short but steep hill, HR spiked to 192)
Mile 10 – 7:03 – Avg HR 186 (mostly flat)
Keep in mind that each of these splits contains a 30 second walk.

Last 5 miles in 36:27 (7:17 pace). I am really floored with these results, this is a faster pace than my best 10K. I think that there must have been some other factors at work here. I expected to run faster with the walk times cut in half but not by this much. Maybe last week I was tired, less focused or something. I noticed that the transitions seemed a lot smoother than last week. Don’t let anyone tell you that run/walking is only for slower runners.

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