Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Run/walk speed experiment #1

I am not ready to resume track workouts but I want to have some kind of hard work out during the week. Then I remembered that I was going to do some speed experimentation on the run/walk strategy.

Parameters of the run:
1. Clock never stops out on the course (actually I never stop my watch during a run).
2. Walk 1min after every mile
3. First 5 miles will be a warm up at a comfortable pace. Last 5 will be the experiment phase, I want to test this out on not so fresh legs.

Here is how it went
Miles 0 - 5, 51:04 (10:13 pace), Average HR 131
Miles 6 – 10, 41:52 (8:22 pace), Average HR 161, Max HR 181, last mile in 8:11
Total time – 1:32:56 (9:18 pace), Average HR 144

I created some tables to show how much a walk affects overall pace at different speeds. If my mile time with walk breaks is 8:20 then my running pace has to be 31 seconds faster. This means that I was averaging 7:40-7:50 pace during the running portions of the last 5 miles.

Psychologically this feels pretty easy, I am only thinking about how far I have till the next walk section not how many miles till I get home. The down side is that first few steps into and out of the walk zones are a little tougher on the body, especially slowing to a walk. The run/walk method seems a lot less efficient at this speed. Looking back it might have been easier to run the last 5 miles at this pace without stopping. Next Wednesday I am going to do this run again but with 30 sec walks.

If anyone wants to see these run/walk pace tables let me know and I send you a copy.

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