Sunday, July 20, 2014

Roxborough – Scouting an upcoming race course

I logged 68 miles last week which was a little more than I planned on running. I wasn’t planning on running a double long run this weekend. On Sunday our trail group split in two a short group that was looking for 8 miles on out and back section and the long group who were going to run the entire loop (14 miles we thought). I wanted 10-12 so I stuck with the long group on this huge loop that ended up being 16 miles. Another runner and I stopped our watches at 15 miles and walked the last mile to the car we were out of water, exhausted and agreed that we had plenty of miles for the day. This week I have another 60 miles planed but next week I am going to break the streak with a rest week.

Hope you guys don’t mind a few trail pictures:

Here I am around mile 5, it was my first time running this trail. We were doing recon for a possible race this fall that uses this 16 mile loop.

We are heading down to those red rocks in the valley. I think they are about 1000ft below us at this point. Once we got there we took a left and climbed over the mountain back to our cars on the other side.

Here is one of the smaller red rocks from the previous picture. We turned before we got the really big ones (I have run that section before). I think his one is about 50 ft tall, the bigger ones are hundreds of feet tall.