Sunday, March 14, 2010

Running of the Green Race Report

7K (4.35 miles) – 35:52

After the 5k in January I made plans to lose some weight and get in some speed work before this race.  Well neither of those thinks happened although I did get in a tempo run so I kinda did the speed part.  My run since then has been really inconsistent which isn’t great either.

I got up early and arrived at the train in the dark alone.  I was surprised to see some friends that I didn’t know were running the race.  I felt much better now that I had company and they had done the race before so I could just follow them to the start.  The biggest mistake I made in this race was selling myself short.  I should have started a few rows from the front but I actually started about a block behind the leaders.

When the race started I realized my mistake as I was running with people who were going 10 min/mile.  I accelerated into every opening I saw but then had nowhere to go and then had to slow down.  It was frustrating and tiring speeding up and then hitting a wall of people.  This continued for most of the race only opening enough for me to run the last mile at a good pace.  I think probably ran the last mile at about my 5K pace (7:15).  It did feel a little good to be passing people not stop from the beginning to the end of the race.