Sunday, April 24, 2011

Gloomy Easter Morning on Mt Falcon

Its 3 miles and 1520’ elevation gain to the top, I only time the accent portion because I like to compare it to accents.
I ran the uphill in 38:12 (12:44 pace), average heart rate 175 with a peak of 189 bpm. 38 min may not sound very good but one of my goals for this year was to reach top in less than 40 min so I can take that off my list. Also I beat last year’s best time by over 5 minutes and 2009’s best time by about 16 minutes. And now some pictures from this run.

Trail Head: elevation - 6046’, 33F, Foggy

This is a little over half way to the top, fog is getting thicker.

About 0.25 from the top and it’s snowing

Finally reached the top, elevation - 7570’, really cold and really thick fog.

Here is another shot at the top, behind that shelter is a great view of down town Denver but not today.

This is about half way down the mountain the sun is thinking of coming out. If you look way down the valley you can see the highway. Also on the other side of the valley is the famous red rocks Amphitheatre.

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