Saturday, July 25, 2015

2015 New Mexico State Parks Series - Sugarite

26.2 Miles 3:46:23
Sugarite Canyon - New Mexico

A lot has been going on since my last race and most of it involves my dad.   I had completely written off this race and was planning on spending time at home this weekend.  As the race approached my wife and I talked about going camping with the kids at the race site.   It sounded like fun but then some issues came up with my dad’s ex-wife and we didn’t feel comfortable leaving our house unattended for the weekend.   My wife suggested I go alone and on the night before the race I still hadn’t decided.   I was really stressed with life in general and needed some alone time so I finally left Denver at 8pm for a race in New Mexico. After the 3hr drive I arrived at my campsite sometime after midnight.   Less than 5 hours of sleep and it was time to get up and make it to the 6am race start.
0-20 miles Avg 8:46 pace
My goal for this race was just to get in a long training run and be able to get some running done the next day with my trail club.  I started off very conservative running the first 20 or so miles a little under 9:00/mi pace.   Surprisingly it felt really easy just like another long run with my friends back in Denver.   Despite the slightly higher elevation of 7500ft and the warm temperatures I was never out of breath or in any difficulty once.   One neat thing about this race was that it started in Colorado and then crossed into New Mexico.  I liked seeing the signs welcome to Colorado and welcome to New Mexico.   I wanted to run faster but I kept thinking of my trail run the next day so I kept it under control.

21-26.2 Avg 8:15 pace
Most of the race was overcast which was still pretty warm but the last few miles the sun broke free and it really started feeling hot.  When I hit mile 20 I let myself speed up a little.   From my really consistent 8:45’s I pushed the pace up into the 8:20’s for the last few miles and then really picking up the pace and ran the last mile in 7:38.   All while keeping my cool and never getting much out of breath or being in any real trouble.   The best thing about this race was for that nearly 4hrs I didn’t think about any of the crap going on back in Denver.

Post Race
This was a really small race with 26 finishers but still I felt pretty good with my second place overall finish.  More than that I was happy with my fitness level.  I just cruised through that marathon like it was nothing and tomorrow I am going to kick my friends butt’s up the side of a mountain.    The next day I ran a 10 mile trail run with 2000+ feet of elevation gain and felt great.


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