Wednesday, June 17, 2015

RIP Glen Peoples

On Wednesday evening June 17th my dad Glen Peoples passed away from a heart attack that he had while participating in a mountain bike race he was 54.   I learned of this early morning Thursday at work and quickly headed up to Breckenridge.    We met with the race director who gave us all the details of what exactly happened and then hiked us up to the spot where he collapsed.   It was less than 24 hours since the incident and already there was an unofficial memorial created with tons of flowers.   Looking around at the views I couldn’t get over how beautiful it was on this particular trail.  It’s as if my dad knew and picked this to be his last place alive.  We hadn’t seen him in a few months and were excited to see in in a few days at Emily’s birthday party.   One of my biggest fears is that Emily and Xander won’t have any memories of him.   We had his funeral services at Campion which is a school and a church he used to attend in high school.   The day after the funeral services we were back up in Breckenridge with a 100 or more friends and family.  We went back up the infamous spot and then after a moment of silence finished his race,   I was rode his bike with his race number. 

This is my dad racing on June 3rd in Breckenridge

This is the last know picture taken of my dad at the start of his final race

My dad and me at Allen’s park

My dad and sis on the alpine slide

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