Sunday, January 6, 2013

2013 RMRR 10K - DNF

It was really cold when I arrived at the race I think 10-20 degrees. I got my race stuff and sent my sister on her way, her 5K started a little earlier. I ran a 1.5 mi warm up and then did some strides, I was feeling good I was feeling fast. In the back of my mind I had a secret goal that wasnt making public not even to myself to run sub 40:00. I kept telling myself “I am just going to take this as a tempo run” (like I always do). While standing around waiting for the start I was feeling warm so I striped down to my shorts and tee shirt. I kept my hat and gloves which saved me later.

Mile 1 - 6:10, feeling great
When the race started it had warmed up to about 25 degree but if you saw me you would have thought it was in the 50’s or 60’s. I exploded off the line into screaming pace, after the first half mile I calmed down and settled into a comfortable grove. I felt really good and really fast I was starting to believe that I could get that sub 40 today.

Mile 2 – stopped dead in my tracks
I started off the second mile feeling pretty good I was running near 6:00 pace for the first half of this mile and then bam. I get a sharp pain in my calf and in a few painful steps I was stopped. I sat down and tried to work out the pain with light stretching and massage.

Struggling to come to terms with my DNF
I tried to walk it off and then did a light jog and cycled between the two neither of which were helping. A few times I had to stop running because it was getting worse. I hate quitting and I was willing to make my injury worse just to finish. Finally I came to my senses and decided that it wasn’t worth it and turned around and accepted my DNF. That was a hard thing to do, I only have one other DNF I am still mad about that one too. I think I was about 1.75 miles out and that I was in DNF mode now I had no problem walking all the way back.

Not out of the woods yet
Walking was painful but I was able to keep moving without any breaks. There was only one problem with walking… I was starting to get cold. It was below freezing and I left my pants and my jacket at the starting line. As time went on I got colder and colder until I had no choice but to run. I ran about a mile not stop and hobbling along the way. Even while running I continued to feel colder I was getting worried. Eventually I made it back to the park and put on my jacket and pants and then got into the car.

I am not sure if it was a cramp or a pull, the muscle wasn’t locked like in a cramp so it was a cramp. Currently I can barely walk across my house. I have already done the roller once and I plan on doing some icing later (once I thaw out). I will play it day by day but I hope it heals quickly.

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