Sunday, February 12, 2012

Valentines 5K Race Report

2-12-2012, 10:00 AM, 12 F
5K – 19:47 New 30+ PR!
9th overall, 4th in my Age Group

Mile 1 – 6:16 Avg HR 175
I got off to a screaming start. An elite group of 8 quickly distanced them self and me on one other dude were in no man’s land for the entire race. We were the only 2 finishers in the 19’s. Of that group of 8 the slowest was 18:50 I think. The weather was freaking cold (12 F) I spent most of this mile freezing.

Mile 2 – 6:28 Avg HR 185
Running out of gas already, quads back and butt muscles were tired. I held my pace and ran with the same dude this whole mile. It was good that he was here to help push me or I would have dropped off more than I did. I finally got warmed up in this mile. I was wearing a long sleeve tee, shorts and a ski hat.

Mile 3 – 6:25 Avg HR 188
I felt a little stronger this mile but my back and butt were still really hurting. My coach in HS always said this was good thing one of my favorite quotes of his -“you butt is sore because you ran your ass off”. Towards the end of this mile my race buddy got a little distance on me and I could bring him back.

Last 0.1 – 0:38 Avg HR 190
The last 0.1 a switch flipped in my head and started my kick. I was making ground on my race buddy but I ran out of road before I could catch him. He end up in my age group and took home a nice 3rd place metal. If I could have run 10 seconds faster I could have had that metal. As you can tell my age group was pretty tough, I think I was the top 10 finisher to not bring any hardware home.

Post Race
I ran a new non teenager PR by 0:09 and I was happy about that but I was too happy about the race. My performance didn’t match my effort. I was planning on running in the low 19 area. I think my head just want in it today and I wasn’t able to push that little bit more that I could have. Next race in 3-11-2012 (St Patty’s 7K) and I will be using this as race a fuel. I ran home after the race to have some time to myself, 6 miles.

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