Thursday, January 26, 2012

Weight loss success with Lost It (iphone app)

I started lose it in October of 2010 almost a year and half ago. Earlier that year I had lost about 10 lbs on my own 222lbs down to 210 and to prove to myself that had made a positive change I decided to run a marathon (not my first). I failed, I was dead meat at 10 miles and ended up walking 3 more just to pickup my jacket near the finish line. My family and friends where waiting for me at mile 20. It was heartbreaking to let them down and waste half their day. The worst I ever felt was my 3 year old asking “daddy why didn’t we see you at park”, she was actually mad that my wife made her leave before she could see me run (Ok typing that seriously just made me cry… at work in front of my coworkers). A few days later I joined lose it with the goal of getting serious about my health.

When I started on lose I was 210 with a goal of reaching 180. I steadily increased my running and was very strict with my diet. Every day and every week it was a battle of calories in vs. calories out (nothing special). I stepped up my efforts in both exercising (added swimming) and eating healthy. I hit my goal a few days before my birthday in March. 30 lbs in 5 months but looking at the bigger picture I had lost had over 40 lbs in the last 12 months. The support here on lose it was tremendous, which was huge factor in my success. I ran my redemption marathon in April 2011, it truly was a personal victory, I was all alone and in another state. Not a single person I knew went to this race, I just couldn’t take that pressure.

Since March 2011 I have been on maintenance, allowing my weight to fluctuate from 180-185 (10 months now). Switching to maintenance has been a challenge of its own, but it freed up my diet a little and those extra calories eaten meant I could work out a little harder. From their fitness level really took off. In the past 10 months on maintenance I have done many things I would have never thought possible including 3 more marathons. Stick with it and work hard, you can reach your goals!

Before (218 -222 lbs) Left: Christmas 2009, Right: Company picnic summer 2009

After (178 lbs) Left: May 2011, Finish line of a marathon - Right: March 2011, on my birthday.

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