Sunday, August 7, 2011

Evergreen Town Race (10K)

My goal for today’s race was to run 41:59 so 6:46 pace. The race is at 7,500’ elevation but almost all downhill it was a really fast course. The biggest downhill was in the first mile and most everyone went out too fast. I ran the first mile a little faster than I wanted and I spent most of the second mile recovering. In the early miles I had already tossed my goal and traded it in for a faster pace. I came through the first 5K at 20:40 which felt great and way under my goal. But things were just getting started and I was going to pick up the pace. I had been running alone for a while with the same pack of runners about 100 meters down the road. I decided it was time to chase them down which took about a mile to cover the distance. I caught them near the 5 mile mark and went straight though the pack. It felt really good zipping past this pack of 10-15 runners. I really turned on the gas in the last mile, it hurt a lot but at this time I was running on a runner’s high. At the 6 mile marker I could see the finish line and I nearly went into a full sprint from there. My Garmin says I ran the last .2 @ 5:22 pace. I passed another few people in the sprint into the finish line. I ran my second 5K in 20:04 almost as fast as my best 5K this year.

Garmin Stats
Mile 1 – 6:34 (Avg HR 165)
Mile 2 – 6:43 (Avg HR 171)
Mile 3 – 6:34 (Avg HR 174)
Mile 4 – 6:39 (Avg HR 178 )
Mile 5 – 6:28 (Avg HR 182)
Mile 6 – 6:19 (Avg HR 185)
Last .27 – 1:27 (5:22 pace) (Avg HR 191)

This was an extremely competitive race.  I finish 68th overall and 16th in my age group. Lot of fast people showed up to this race today.

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