Saturday, July 9, 2011

Scavenger Dash

This adventure through the streets of Denver was part scavenger hunt part running race. Each team had 2 runners plus an optional pit crew to help solve clues. There weren’t any teams without a pit crew in the top 3, I am glad we had are ours.

All together there was 12 items.
3 – Challenges. Cryptic clue would lead you to a location where you had to complete a task.
5 - Pictures of statues. Cryptic clue would lead you to a unique statue that you needed to take a picture of
3 - Find one of these and take a picture next to it. Find an Elevator, Cigar smoking Indian & a Mannequin with a head.
1 - Crayon rubbing. The clue sent us to get a crayon rubbing of the seal that’s on the 13th step of the capital

The race started at noon and it was 80+ degrees out and I was sweating buckets the whole time. While getting lost or not running the direct route we ran 9.25 miles in about 1:52, we finished 2nd place overall. The best route we could have taken to find everything would have only been 5.9 miles.

Here are a few of the better pictures and some comments (not the actual clues):

My teammate and I prior to the race, I passed on the pre race beer

Take a picture inside this sculpture

Take a picture with a mannequin that has a head (Terrible picture of me by the way)

Find the dancing ballerinas sculpture and imitate their pose for the picture

Find the fat lady and take a picture with her, she was at the opera house

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