Sunday, October 5, 2014

Peak week of training

I finished training for the Indian Creek 50m with my hardest weekend of training ever.

Saturday – 21 mile trail run with 4500ft of climbing (Deer Creek)
We started off at 6:00am on the trail with headlamps. This was my first time running in the dark up a trail with headlamps. The beams of light from the different runners bounced off the rocks and casts weird shadows. About 3 switchbacks up I started to feel dizzy because of the lights. We watched the sunrise around 7:00am. I dropped my friend off in the parking lot at about 8-10 miles and then headed up the mountain again for lap 2.

Sunday – 16 mile trail run with 3700ft of climbing (Mt Falcon)
My legs and feet ached when I woke up and I started the run very dehydrated. I took in lots of liquids and ate a lot on the trail. After a few miles I felt much better but the overall tiredness stayed with me. Just like yesterday I ran with my friends and then dropped them off in the parking lot around 10 miles and then headed back up to the top of the mountain.

Weekend totals for the last 2 runs
37.4 miles
8:11 total running time (13:10 pace)
8,200ft of climbing

It helped that I was spoiled with great trails and great weather.


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