Sunday, July 14, 2013

High Elevation Training

23.3 miles – 4:39:57. The trailhead where I started my run was at 10,000 ft. I could defiantly tell the difference in the lack of air from the start. The trail was really nice, not to technical and most of the time the grade was runnable. I was running small ups and downs until I hit the big hill (see elevation chart) and then I climb and climbed. I had originally planned on running 20 miles but when I got to 10 miles I was so close to the top that I couldn’t turn around.

Once I finally turned around at 11.6 and admiring the 360 degree views I had a 6 mile decent that beat me up worse than the climb. Miles 18-23 had more small uphills and down hills but I was so dead that I could barely run any incline. But I eventually make it back to my car on Kenosha pass exhausted and hungry. This was one of the hardest and most rewarding runs ever the scenery was beautiful.

And now for some pictures

This is the trail head – 10,000 ft and yes that is the south park that you are thinking of

Wide open spaces, I didn’t realize at the time but I would be climbing that mountain in the distance.

Creek Crossings. Most of the pictures I took in the trees were too dark to post but I am glad this one came out nice.

Here is what I saw at 10 miles and now you can see why I couldn’t turn around yet. Just up ahead was the very top. This was near 12,000 ft the wind was blowing hard and it was about 50F perfect for keeping snow around in July.

Elevation Profile. Until I looked at this later I didn’t realize how hard that big climb was compared to others. Overall I climbed 3,300 ft.

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