Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Goodbye 2013

I love digging into my running data and at the end of the year I spend a lot of time compiling various stats, reflecting on the year and thinking about what I want to accomplish next year.   Here are some of my 2013 Stats:

Total Miles – 2,050 which is about 500 short of last year but on the upside this was the 3rd year in a row over 2k.
Days run – 231, I am kinda disappointed with this one I should be running more often.  Worse is how many Saturday/Sundays I missed over the year. 
Runs beyond 20 miles:  18 the last few years I have been averaging 12 really long runs per year.

03/09/2013 Run Through Time - 26.2 - 4:56:44 (AKA – Snowathlon) 
05/19/2013 Colfax – 26.2 - 3:31:30 
06/02/2013 Deadwood – 26.2 - 3:37:27 
08/18/2013 Pikes Peak – 26.2 - 7:03:03 
08/24/2013 Ram Run – 3.1 -  0:22:13 
09/29/2013 Bear Chase – 52 - 10:00:33 
10/21/2013 Denver – 26.2 - 3:41:19
Marathons:   5 marathons are now the most I have completed in a year. My best was 5 minutes slower than last year.  3 Marathons were Sub 4hrs before this year I only had 3 sub 4hr marathons.
Ultra Marathon: 52 miles in 10 hrs.  Longest run for me, last year my longest race was 31.5
5k: Slowest 5k in years but it was the weekend after a 7hr marathon

Current Streaks (both were in jeopardy this last month)
46 months of 100+ miles

36 months with a long run beyond 15 miles

It’s been a great year and I have really grown as a runner.  I finally feel like a real ultra-marathoner now, 50k just doesn’t seem harder than a marathon.   I surprised myself a few times this year when I had good performances shortly after long races.  I am looking forward to building on this momentum and doing some amazing things in 2014.

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