Monday, June 11, 2012


Saturday I ran 7 miles without any problem.  Sunday I went out for a 14 mile run and was feeling fine in the early miles.  I ran the first 8 in about 1:06 when suddenly my lower back started to feel funny.  I thought to myself better slow down (mi 9 – 9:30) but my lower back kept getting worse.  I thought to myself better start taking walk breaks (mi 10 – 15:00).  I stopped my watch at 10 miles and then walked very slowly 4 miles back to my house.  I spent the rest of Sunday lying down but it didn’t help and I wasn’t able to sleep very well over night because I woke up every time I turned over.  This morning I hurt so bad that I went to go see the Dr. He said that I have some strained muscles and sent me on my way with Vicodin that hasn’t seemed to help.

On the upside the Dr. said that I should be able to run (short distances) in a couple of days.  He said “Your back will let you know what you can do” which I thought was cool because most of the time the Dr. says no more running for X weeks regardless of how you feel.

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