Saturday, June 27, 2009

Slacker Half Marahon

The weather started out great cool and clear in the low 60's.  I started out good and kept myself from going out to fast.  The first 4 miles were beautiful forested dirt roads.  After that the rest of the race was on the frontage road which didn’t have any shade.  Most of the race was downhill I think 3000' net loss, but all that downhill really beats on your legs.  I was worried because I had been having shin splints but they never seemed to bother me during this run.  I felt pretty good at the half way mark but I was over heating even though I was running at an easy pace.  It wasn't until the last 3 miles that I started having real problems.  The heat was really starting to get to me at after 10 miles I actually got sunburned (I am pretty sure I put sunscreen on but I don't remember much from this morning).   I think that getting a sunburn during the race was what drained my energy.  10 miles was the farthest I had time to train for I wanted to get up to 12 but we took a trip to Kansas were I got in 0 miles.  We got in Georgetown at around 12 miles and I was happy to see we were in town.  But there was actually some uphill, very easy hills, but after running down for so long these small hills really hurt.  Half a mile to go, I was all most there,  I was sweating a lot and I felt like a diesel locomotive slow and heavy but I was going to make it to the station.

2012 me: how did I ever run a marathon at 220 lbs

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